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Tigress Luv, The Breakup Guru

Romantic relationships are not always easy. The truth is that the dating game is often rather complicated, and there is always a risk of getting hurt. One problem that women are often faced with is men who fear commitment. When a woman gets involved with a man who fears commitment, her relationship will eventually hit a dead end. At that point she will be forced to either tolerate being in a relationship that is not moving forward, or walk away. So how can a woman tell if she is with a man who doesn't want to commit to her? If your man does not see a future with you, there will be many warning signs.

In the Bedroom

A man who wants sexual intimacy without emotional commitment is likely to prioritize sex in the relationship. He will want to spend most of his time with you in the bedroom rather than going out on romantic dates, or having deep conversations. The man who fears commitment might be very attentive until you sleep with him, and then seem to lose interest. Be wary of men who put too much focus on the sexual aspect of the relationship.


What do you and your man talk about when you are together? Is the conversation always fun and lighthearted, or do you talk about your innermost feelings and core values? A man who is reluctant to commit will not take the time to find out who you really are. That's because your values, interests and feelings are not really important to him. Nor will such a man wish to talk about the future or your relationship. If you attempt to discuss where the relationship is headed, he will change the subject or tell you he's not ready to commit. A man who is not ready for commitment is unlikely to tell you he loves you, or express any romantic sentiments. He will keep the conversations casual and stick to topics that have nothing to do with love or romance.

Family Matters

Has your man introduced you to any of his family members? Has he asked to meet your folks? A man who fears commitment is unlikely to want you to meet his family, or get to know yours. Similarly he will not ask questions about your family or tell you anything about his. A man who is not ready to commit can do without the complications that arise from getting to know your family, or vice versa. Hence he will probably keep you separate from his family.

Friends and Socializing

A man who does not want to commit probably won't bother to introduce you to his friends, or take the time to get to know yours. Instead he will probably want to socialize separately. A man who is not interested in committing is also likely to put his friends before you. He will always prioritize spending time with them over hanging out with you. When you do meet up with your man, sex will probably be on his agenda.

In a Box

If you are with a man who is afraid of committing to you, you'll eventually begin to feel like a puppet in a box that he plays with when it suits him. He will attempt keep his real life completely separate from the time he spends with you. Hence you will feel used and undervalued, which is not good for your self-esteem. If what you have read in this article makes you think your man is afraid to commit, it could be time to walk away and save yourself for an emotionally healthy relationship.

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