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Why Breaking Up Hurts and Why You Are Ashamed to Feel the Pain...


....but when someone decides to leave you intentionally, there is no closure. There is only immense feelings of rejection and loss of esteem and hope. They made the willful decision to stop loving you and they made the willful decision to leave you. But society doesn't allow us to grieve when our relationships fail and we break up; we are told to just 'get over it' and move on.

What this means is that we aren't allowed to constructively work through our pain. We can't build shrines, we can't have closure rituals, and we, basically, are not even allowed to have good memories or else we are chastised by well-meaning friends and family. Oftentimes we are told our lost loved one was a jerk, an asshole, an idiot, or even a loser. But with death we are told our lost loved ones were 'wonderful' people.

Although losing someone through death is never welcomed, we do have, at least, the benefit of knowing that the person we lost loved us and didn't abandon us on purpose. We also have friends and family who will allow us to still love that person and not tell us to 'just get over it' or 'let go and move on'. And with death we are allowed to hang up the deceased person's pictures, create shrines and have a moving ritual which allows us to mourn and to say good-bye - all while still allowing us to hold that person precious to our heart.

But we don't have all those benefits when breaking up with someone we love. We are just supposed to snap our fingers and magically move on. We are just supposed to magically 'fall out of love'.

But it's just not that easy; not that black-and-white. Breaking up is one of the worst, if not THEE worst, experiences you will ever go

....welcome to (please note it is .CO and not .COM). We hope you find some comfort and peace in our pages … comfort to help you recover from the greatest loss in most people's life: The loss of love.

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