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Get Back at Your Ex? When You Get Even the Revenge Isn't Always Sweet ...

Not Always Sweet Revenge: Resisting the Urge to Get Back at Your Ex
2009 by Zabrina Way

When you've been cheated on, dumped, or otherwise maligned by a nasty piece of work you unfortunately once called your lover, revenge is the often one of the first things to mind when your ex's name comes up in the conversation. Tempting though it might be, getting revenge actually a bad idea for many reasons.

Particularly online, where it's tempting to think you're anonymous and he or she will never know you said anything, word does spread. It just doesn't look good to be talking about someone behind his or her back, no matter what medium of communication you use. Of course, you can talk about the breakup and reasons with close friends, but don't spread the word to all and sundry and proceed to gossip about your ex.

Spreading rumors is also a bad idea, since rumors can be traced back to their source. If bad things start being spread around right after you suffered at his or her hands, it's going to be obvious that it was you starting the rumors, so resist the urge to do it. Would you want him or her saying the same thing about you? If not, don't say it!

Physical retribution is also a big no-no. No matter whether he loved his car or she loved her cat more than you, touching your ex's stuff is a big no-no, and can even land you in legal trouble. Sure, you can enjoy the loud country breakup songs about smashing your ex's car windows, but don't act on those daydreams.

Last, and most importantly, why bother wasting your energy on something that's over and someone who isn't a part of your life anymore? Instead, it's better to put your energy towards building a new relationship, or relaxing and having fun being single!

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