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Get Your Ex back And Get Your Ex to Call You
Tigress Luv, The Breakup Guru

Why Doesn't He or She Call? - Here's How to Get Your Ex Back and Make Him or Her Call You

So you've been seeing a guy or a girl for a few days, or weeks, or even months. You may have thought you were getting along great and that maybe they were the one. Then he or she stopped returning your calls and texts. And you're left you wondering 'why don't they call?'

First of all, you have to realize that it may not be you. Something may have come up in his or her life. They may have lost their job, someone in their family may have passed away, or something else happened that made them want to keep to themselves. Before you jump to conclusions, give him or her their space and eventually they may call again.

However, if you've waited and waited, and he or she still hasn't called, something is definitely wrong. Why doesn't he or she call?

For guys, you most likely will do the calling, but for women it has long been established that they must sit around and wait for the man to call. After all, that's what has worked for years and years! That's what we're told is the proper thing to do.

Most girls try to fix whatever has gone wrong by calling him or texting him to keep communication going. Unfortunately, this can often have the opposite effect and make him call you even less. Before you pick up the phone and call or text him again, think about what you're doing.

Bottom line: He just may not be that into you. It sounds clichéd, but that is the most likely scenario. It may be that he's into a certain type of woman and you're just not it. Or it may be that you didn't give him enough of a chase. But there is something you can do about this.

Men like chasing women. They thrive on the thrill of the chase. Maybe it's an old hunting instinct coming out in them. If a woman gives herself to a man too easily, or if she makes him think that he's the only one for her after only a few dates, he may lose interest fast.

Whether you want to get your ex back, or you want to make your man call you or you just want that guy who stopped calling you to find the interest he once had, you're going to have to work on some things that will attract a man to you and make him want to call. You're going to have to make him realize that he does like you and that he does want to chase you.

It's important to stop sitting by the phone moping about why he doesn't call. Get up, call a friend and go find something fun to do. You have a life too. Stop sitting around waiting for him to call you and enjoy yourself.

One of the best ways to do this is to make him think you're not interested in him at all. This is why you should go out and spend time with friends instead of sitting by the phone. When he does call, you'll honestly be able to say you've been busy going out, shopping, meeting with friends or doing all kinds of things without him.

Make him wonder what you are thinking when you act like you don't care, then act like you do. Really confuse him. Don't call him, make him call you. Don't answer his call or call him back right away when he leaves a message. This tells him that you have a life and you're not sitting around by the phone waiting for him. If he compliments you, don't gush over it; just shrug it off like all the guys tell you that.

The bottom line is that if you make a guy think that he's just one in a long line of guys who wants to date you, he's going to be hooked. He's going to think that he has to stand out from the other guys, treat you like a queen, and be on his best behavior or else he'll lose you. Even if you're not his type, if you act aloof, and act like you don't care, he'll have to chase you. It's in his DNA.

If you do this, if you play the game, if you act like you don't care, and then suddenly you do, and then you pull back again, this will drive any man wild with desire. You can get your ex back simply by letting him chase you for a while instead of you chasing him. Then you'll never have to wonder why he didn't call. You'll probably have to tell him to stop calling you so often because he'll be hooked for sure.

Sometimes your breakup has its own special circumstances and will you need to take more action than just the above list covers. I have a more intense report available that has special tricks you can use to bring your ex back to you. To read the report on bringing your ex back please visit my Breakup Eraser page by clicking here.

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