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Signs Your Ex Wants You Back...

Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

How do you know if your ex really wants you back and wants to try again at building a relationship with you? You may have broken up but is there a chance you could recapture the magic? Has the flame of desire rekindled?

The following signs will let you know that your ex does want to get back with you. If you notice some of these signs, your ex wants to get back with you and you have the chance to rekindle your romance.

They Make an Effort To See You!

If your ex starts to appear whenever you visit with mutual friends, they still want to be around you. They may take the initiative to reach out to you, either directly or through friends or relatives.

Sometimes, an ex will turn up in public places, at times they know you are likely to be there. Your ex shows that they want to see you if they start going to the gym at the same time as you, or meeting friends in the bar when you are meeting other friends.

If they make an effort or take the initiative to see you or to ask you out again, your ex definitely wants to rekindle the flames of passion. They are saying they miss you and would want to be with you again. Sometimes, your ex may appear very casual when they do see you, but this is usually because they are nervous. To compensate for their own nervousness, they will act 'ultra-cool' around you. In one way, this nervousness is a good sign because people don't get nervous about something that is not important to them.

They Keep Hanging Around

Another sign your ex wants you back is if they hang around longer than they used to, when they do happen to see you. If you are in a group of people, they may encourage their group to join with your group, so that they can be around you longer.

They may also try a telephone call on a pretext but will encourage the conversation to be longer than just about the original message they needed to give you. This is a sure sign they want you back.

You may also receive some short emails a lot more frequently than you used to. They may send you jokes but with a brief message. When your ex does this, they are sending you signals of 'don't forget me!" and "I want to be with you".

They Make Efforts to Improve Themselves

This sign is where your ex either tells you directly, or gets mutual friends to "casually comment" on the changes they are making in their lives. Importantly, if these changes are in areas where you were fighting over, or wanting changes before you broke up, your ex is trying to show you that they want you back.

By letting you know that they are working to make changes, especially in the areas you wanted them to change, your ex is showing you that things could be better if you wanted to get back together.

They Talk About The Break Up

Whenever you do meet or have a conversation, your ex somehow steers the conversation into the break up. If your ex starts talking about being sorry for disappointing you, you know you are on to a winner. They definitely want you back!

They Start To Talk About The Future

The final sign that your ex wants you back is that whenever they allude to the future, the implication is that you are a part of their future. If this happens, your ex is trying to say that they see you in their lives, and are contemplating getting back with you.

If you notice these signs from your ex, you now have a decision to make. Do you start giving them the hint to stay right away or do you give them some signs to say there is hope you two can get back together? That is entirely up to you, but at least you can recognise the signs that they want to get back together!

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